Meet Angela. She is originally from Chile.  Her education and work experience includes: Tourism degree & Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. Her work experience is in Research and government management projects like new insulation products with agencies like NASA and the U.S. Marines. She also manages Vacation Rentals. 

After she moved to the U.S. she started working and studying at the same time.  She found techniques to helped her manage her stress levels. She tried relaxing techniques and that helped her to be more calm and clear. Eventually, she started taking personal training. She discovered that while she was working out she had so much fun and enjoyed it even more with latin music!! She got her license to teach Zumba Fitness and did fitness training where she learned the importance of proper posture and safety. 

After she had her son, she realized how important it was to make time for herself and create new opportunities for them to enjoy life! 

In 2016, one of her dear friends invited her to visit Sedona. She got guidance from Mary. She did chakra balancing. She did a Reiki training and she started to spend more time outdoors doing hikes in areas of the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Torres del Paine & different parts of Patagonia, Chile. 

Since young age she enjoyed movement and exercise activities . She associates these activities and memories with happiness and feeling relaxed. In 2016 she went to a Latin Dance Festival with her friends in Moab, Utah to learn Bachata and Salsa dancing. At that moment, she discovered Brazilian Zouk! That opened up her desire to do more movement activities and she continues doing intense training in dance, Martial arts movements, stretching and weight lifting with Pedro from Australia. 

She has learned from many guides, instructors/healers, trainers and dancers from around the world.  Yoga-Flamenco, Chakra clearing, balancing, healing, relaxing techniques, meditation, understand emotions and aromatherapy.  After a few years of that, she incorporated -Sound bowl healing, meditation, vibration with yoga movements to her sessions. She has applied these techniques on herself and her love ones. With all of this it helped her to find balance in her scientific and regular life in general. 

Angela had a special connection with her grandmother "ITA", they had a special bonding while she was groing up. She grew up Catholic and her family showed her values, love and prayers. When her grandmother passed away, she had a hard time with depression, understanding her emotions, grief, it was difficult and painful to continue living without her. She follows her "ITA's guidance and she continues her close connection with her through prayer. Her Chilean roots and culture are still close in her heart and they are present in her daily life.

She did alternative therapies for healing.  She was living in the south of Chile at that time and she had the honor to connect & spent time with the Mapuches indigenas.  She volunteered & created Microloans to small business in Curarrehue and Villarrica, Chile. She learned about caring and taking care of Mother earth, about healing with plants. 

Angela enjoys connecting and getting to know new people. She prepares and customizes sessions for her clients, in person, online, trips, etc. She enjoys working on creative projects and love challenges. She likes to share her passion and love for life with others. She is a lifelong learner. She enjoys meeting new people, learning about new cultures and traveling. She is currently training a combination of yoga and dancing.

She works and collaborate with different people from different cultures. She is ready to share her techniques and she is here to guide you to reach your own goals if you are ready to go and find a more fun path for your journey!